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This is my current project and is still in the early stages of development. ChecksOn.Me is an easy to use tableside payment app designed for bars and restaurants that do not have computerized register systems. It does not require any special equipment, minimal training and costs the same as any regular credit card transaction.

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Power Sleep

Power Sleep is an app developed as a submission for the 2020 Space Apps Challenge hosted by NASA. Our app utilizes Google Calendar and Oauth2 to find windows in a busy user's schedule and create sleep events. As part of a three person team, I was responsible for front end development and dev ops. Power Sleep was built using React in less than 48 hours.

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An augmented reality adventure game built using Viro Media and React Native. This app was my final presentation project at Grace Hopper. As part of a team of 4 developers, I developed each portal / level of the game, as well as customized the positioning and scale of the 3D graphics to provide for an immersive experience.

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Pool House

PoolHouse is a light-weight mobile app that helps servers and bartenders calculate the distribution of tips amongst themselves. The original was built with React Native as part of the Grace Hopper program's Stackathon in one weekend. I have since completely rebuilt the app using Flutter and is currently in testing on Google Play. Message for promo codes!

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EmoRocks is a mock e-commerce site developed as a first project in the final phase of boot camp. As a member of a team of four, we accomplished building this site in just over a week using React, React Hooks, Redux and PostgreSQL. I built the user and admin fuctionality into the site and contributed to the database design.

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The Dandy Warhols

This site originated as a fan site created by myself and a fellow fan. After nearly two years of hosting the site on a university student server, we were asked to become the "official" site by the band. Ater procurring the domain, our first commercial site was born. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, the origins of my path to development live on.

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A little bit of how I see the world

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Writing Sample

I wrote a little article about how I view "contactless" payments and where I see the future of the technology.

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A little about me and my journey to coding.

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